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ABOUT US….Hmmmm…

martha abraham gary rawlins

Martha Abraham and Gary Rawlins (that’s me and he) don’t see eye to eye on everything. Are you surprised? We are married!  I’m in the mood for tacos…he prefers Chinese. The dance that we all do. Perhaps it is our yin and yang that lends itself to the organic but somewhat wild nature of our latest collection. Gary schooled in fine design and woodworking by great masters in England, then later under the tutelage of the “impractical cabinet maker” James Krenov established a design reputation for fine craftsmanship and precision.

Martha (that’s me) ran around the world and back again picking up what she could on the road to develop trends for the fashion industry. Whether it was a Sari peddler on a dirt floor in India, the catwalks of Paris or the silver dealers in Taxco there was always something ventured and something to be gained.

This is the first time we have collaborated and it has been a roaring good time and adventure. Gary’s known line “I like wood” has finally seeped its way into my vocabulary. I don’t just like wood; I love wood. But I also have had the good fortune to live with Gary’s masterly crafted furniture romancing me all the way to this revelation.

I come to the table with a full-blown, overactive need for fanciful expression; Gary is driven by his desire to honor what he calls “ nature’s artwork.”  A new technique we stumbled upon has allowed us to put our minds and hands to work together, creating and paying honor to the wood in our line of bracelets. I prefer the twisting and turning, never knowing where the wood will take me. Gary is drawn to the ability of his hands, a simple tool to carve and caress the wood. Sometimes even milk painted to give it a special effect but always organic in nature.

Our love of all things eclectic and organic come together  in our line. We hope you enjoy.