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ABOUT US….Hmmmm…

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Gary Rawlins was schooled in fine design and woodworking by great masters in England, then later under the tutelage of the “impractical cabinet maker” James Krenov. He established a design reputation for fine craftsmanship and precision, winning commissions and awards along the way.

I circled the globe picking up what I could to develop trends for the fashion industry. A Sari peddler on a dirt floor in Delhi, the catwalks of Paris or the silver dealers in Taxco, there was always something ventured and something to be gained.

Gary’s known line “I like wood” has finally seeped its way into my vocabulary. I don’t just like wood; I love wood. But I also have had the good fortune as his wife, to live with Gary’s masterly crafted furniture romancing me all the way to this revelation.

A new technique we stumbled upon has allowed us to put our minds and hands together developing our line of bracelets. Wood is natural, organic, real and mysterious. Seems It does best when u let it speak for itself…nature’s artwork.

We hope you enjoy.