You will now find Gartha  amongst the fine collections of  the Gallery at Flat Rock. Nestled in this beautiful historic town in Western North Carolina, the gallery is a showcase for some of the mountain’s most excited designer/makers. We were flattered by their interest and very appreciative of their embrace of Gartha. Come see us and our fellow artists. Also take advantage of the upcoming exhibitions and workshops offered by the Gallery. They move and shake with the best of them. xxoom

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

 A little One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, to keep you in the loop


WOW! Gartha took off and little did we know that a crazy afternoon of twisting and turning wood would turn into Gartha. Thanks to those that came out, purchased and adored our new collection at the Southern Highland Craft Show.


Our next appearance will be at the Marshall Handmade Market. Don’t miss the opportunity to come out and see what I am jabbering about.  AND we have some awesome show neighbors. This is going to be a really good show. Thanks to the Marshall Studio gang for letting us be a part.




I just had to go in search of  some visual food. So, I hit the highway all by myself  and headed North to catch up with my creative cast of clever friends. A brief stay in Connecticut and a tip from the one helluva Fashionista, I discovered my favorite new store, TERRAIN. It is the best example of organic merchandising and merchandise. Let’s get back to basics… linen, wood, natural decor aka anything live. It was refreshing, inspirational and should I mention the cafe…BREAD baked in a flower pot. Forget the pot idea,  more bread please. One thing they need though…GARTHA!




Next stop MAINE…now there is some serious visual stimuli. Color Color Everywhere and a lot of drops to drink. A quick trip to gather some hugs, an awesome day of treasure hunting in the best thrift stores ever. Oh dear, I was going to keep that a secret.




New York New York. You are still my kind of town. And don’t ever let people tell you that you are not full of love. With proof of positivity all around, you could not erase the smile on my face. Seems you can go home again.




Well….HELLO BOYS. Can you spell D-I-V-I-N-E?  OMG so very dapper. I love the one on the left. I asked “may I take your picture? I am collecting divine men today”? He said, “daaaaahling,  only if I can start with you for my collection of divine women.”  Oh how  you make me blush. Thanks NYC for another tasty bite.



Idea overload. You just can’t open your eyes without seeing something awe inspiring. As always,  “why didn’t I think of that?” blares in my head.  First prize goes to Lynn Wohlfeld for her amazing chest set, all from salt and pepper shakers. She is not happy with her king and queen . So, be on the look out for something worthy. And the best was the elephant perched high upon the Fed X truck. We asked won’t he fall off? The driver answered, “of course he would but he only stands on top when we are loading”…..I LOVE NEW YORK!




WOW….my cup runneth over and I am ready to get back to work. Christmas is coming and we have some stockings to fill and some bracelets to make.

 glasses2-001xxoo m


jamie cycloneSeems a Gartha Bracelet was spotted at the fabulous Bedford Post Inn owned by none other that Richard Gere. Known for its posh rooms and to die for food it only caters to the aesthetic elite.  So who is that wrist adorning our Bracelet while dining (or is she steeling the table decor)?  Hmmmm…..OMG… I think it is New York’s fashion icon Jamie Delaney.

Cowgirl Blues

I do not know what inspires me, especially looking at my Cowgirl Blues. I guess it is my love for denim and chambray and how everything should go with. Lordy Lordy, Gary should have never let me loose with some paint , sandpaper and a bucket of water. He rolled his eyes and I kept going.  Now don’t tell me I can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear as my mama would say. YEE HAW!



Had a fab photo shoot this week and had to share some of the pics. Will get them on the site as soon as they are up to the standards of the model and photographer. Some professionals are so picky. In the meantime enjoy Ms. Connie Rose. This girl can rock a shot!!!!IMG_2208 IMG_2207b

IMG_2103 IMG_2147 IMG_2169 IMG_2285 Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Glo Glows in Gartha

Our first real review. Thanks to our bud Gloria. We could only imagine how well she would compliment our work. We were right to imagine such splendidness.


“Viv’s birthday gift to me was this GORGEOUS bracelet from Gartha Studios. I love it and I love its creators, my good pals Gary Rawlins and Martha Abraham. Check out their website, all you jewelry lovers out there.”


Magic 101

Oh I do love a good magic trick. Thought you should see how the IKATCHA collection comes together. It was a wonderful day in the sun on the deck painting, sanding, rubbing and polishing for some sweet results. Just sent off for tons of new colors. Can’t wait to play with those.  I always said one of the most amazing color adventures I ever had was in the hut of a Sari merchant in Madras. I had no idea that so many colors were possible. Although I will never achieve such a spectrum this experience is right up there. With every step the colors take on a new glow, appreciated but never to be repeated. Hmmmm….perhaps that is how I should approach life?….”each experience takes on a new glow, appreciated but  never to be repeated”. Meanwhile back to bracelets.

First a solid coat of black. Followed by a solid gold tone.The gold is then rubbed down to expose the original black coat.
Should we stop while we are ahead? Nope…let’s get crazy & paint  the entire bracelet with a serious coat of red.
I know it is scary. How could you even find the original two layers, you might ask.
You rub the heck out of it, that’s how. Now you can see. Bring on the magic, I say.


Then some serious rubbing and polishing guarantees a satisfactory result.
The red combo was just one of several happy members of the IKATCHA collection. Nice Saturday. Don’t you think?