OK, this is all getting a little crazy. Is it allowed for things to be easy?  I slaved away for years in my previous life as a fashionista and never had this much fun creating things to adorn ones body.  Now, here I am hanging out in the mountains with my barefoot beau chopping away at wood. Each new creation is more magical than the one before. I love the process. I love the results. I heard somewhere that if you do what you love…………..I like the way Stephen King said it, “if you can do it for joy, you can do it forever.”

Gary’s latest little gem just appeared on the scene. In the nick of time I saved it from being doused with another coat of red. Little did he know that he created an amazing Ikat print.  I convinced him to oil and polish and here we have it. The first in the IKATcha collection.

Do I hear a bidder? xxoom



Do Blondes have more fun?

IMG_1897 We have been working with Elm this week. Although it twists tightly and is easier to work with I prefer some of the richer tones of Oak and Mahogany.  But perhaps blonds do have more fun. We will see.

This collection shows the versatility of Mahogany, Oak and the Elm. Whether curved, carved or twisted they all rose to their occasion.

Hittin the Road

IMG_1871Gary and I will be leaving shortly to deliver our first collection to the Judith Liegeois Gallery in Naples, Florida. This is Gary’s full collection of  “Chip off the Old Blocks.” Each one hand carved chip by chip. Then milk painted with two contrasting coats and sanded to give it the marled look that you see. I have my eye on the black and natural mahogany one, center left.







Color and Texture

photoPeople still ask me what I miss most about being in the Fashion Industry and the answer is always the same. I miss color and texture. The best time of the season was always when the color predictions came out. I would throw on the floor the myriad of yarns, threads and puffs provided to inspire and set the tone for the coming collections. The tactile experience of a fabric that could be “butta” in your hand was and still is a welcomed thrill. But much to my surprise I am fulfilled again. Right in my own backyard, living with a woodworker with a collection of wood rivaling Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection I have found my thrill. Just playing with wine, yes red wine, too much white milk paint, Gary’s hand carving and just the right amount of milk paint and my new dremel attachment we have cumulated a collection of textured and colored wood that is as satisfying as  any “butta” I have ever fondled.