Glo Glows in Gartha

Our first real review. Thanks to our bud Gloria. We could only imagine how well she would compliment our work. We were right to imagine such splendidness.


“Viv’s birthday gift to me was this GORGEOUS bracelet from Gartha Studios. I love it and I love its creators, my good pals Gary Rawlins and Martha Abraham. Check out their website, all you jewelry lovers out there.”


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These painted sweeties are crafted from a solid block of wood. Several layers of milk painted are applied and rubbed between layers to achieve the desired affect. The possibilities are endless. So, do stay tuned to this category for some splendor in the making.


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Magic 101

Oh I do love a good magic trick. Thought you should see how the IKATCHA collection comes together. It was a wonderful day in the sun on the deck painting, sanding, rubbing and polishing for some sweet results. Just sent off for tons of new colors. Can’t wait to play with those.  I always said one of the most amazing color adventures I ever had was in the hut of a Sari merchant in Madras. I had no idea that so many colors were possible. Although I will never achieve such a spectrum this experience is right up there. With every step the colors take on a new glow, appreciated but never to be repeated. Hmmmm….perhaps that is how I should approach life?….”each experience takes on a new glow, appreciated but  never to be repeated”. Meanwhile back to bracelets.

First a solid coat of black. Followed by a solid gold tone.The gold is then rubbed down to expose the original black coat.
Should we stop while we are ahead? Nope…let’s get crazy & paint  the entire bracelet with a serious coat of red.
I know it is scary. How could you even find the original two layers, you might ask.
You rub the heck out of it, that’s how. Now you can see. Bring on the magic, I say.


Then some serious rubbing and polishing guarantees a satisfactory result.
The red combo was just one of several happy members of the IKATCHA collection. Nice Saturday. Don’t you think?
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OK, this is all getting a little crazy. Is it allowed for things to be easy?  I slaved away for years in my previous life as a fashionista and never had this much fun creating things to adorn ones body.  Now, here I am hanging out in the mountains with my barefoot beau chopping away at wood. Each new creation is more magical than the one before. I love the process. I love the results. I heard somewhere that if you do what you love…………..I like the way Stephen King said it, “if you can do it for joy, you can do it forever.”

Gary’s latest little gem just appeared on the scene. In the nick of time I saved it from being doused with another coat of red. Little did he know that he created an amazing Ikat print.  I convinced him to oil and polish and here we have it. The first in the IKATcha collection.

Do I hear a bidder? xxoom



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Each of these styles, although manipulated in generally the same way arrived at their destination on their own. The nuances and specialness of each one is a surprise achievement each and every time.


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Oh So Chipper

These are the most dramatic of our styles.  Each piece starts with a simple block of wood that is then hand carved. Once complete it is milk painted with a combination of layers and then sanded to achieve the desired affect.  Price is dependent on bracelet style and pattern. $95-$285

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Do Blondes have more fun?

IMG_1897 We have been working with Elm this week. Although it twists tightly and is easier to work with I prefer some of the richer tones of Oak and Mahogany.  But perhaps blonds do have more fun. We will see.

This collection shows the versatility of Mahogany, Oak and the Elm. Whether curved, carved or twisted they all rose to their occasion.

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